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What Are the Benefits to Drinking Witch Hazel Tea?

When it comes to drinking any type of herbal teas, you will find that they all have their various ways that they help with your health. As a matter of fact, there is not a single herbal drink that does not tout some sort of health benefit for the drinker. The witch hazel tea benefits are many. This herbal drink can help with respiratory illnesses, it can help with healing sore throats, and it also has various soothing effects on inflammations of various parts of the body. That, of course, is just to name a few because there are so many health reasons to use this herbal drink.

One of witch hazel tea benefits is that it can help with respiratory illnesses. There are ingredients in the plant’s leave and bark that have calming effects on the lungs – especially in times of an asthma attack. It is not that you would drink it in order to help with an asthma attack, rather you would want to soak a warm compress in the liquid and place it on the chest and neck of the person having the asthma attack. There are other respiratory illnesses that drinking the herbal drink would help as well.

The next thing on the list of witch hazel tea benefits is that it can help with soothing sore throats. Much like it can help soothe asthma attacks and the like, drinking this herbal drink will help soothe the sore throat while you drink it. The effect that it has on the sore throat should last for a good while after you are finished drinking the herbal remedy. However, once it wears off, you will need to be careful about drinking too much. It is best to limit this remedy to just three cups a day when you have a sore throat. All of the other times you can use throat lozenges and spray to help soothe it.

The final thing I will mention out of the witch hazel tea benefits is that it works as an anti-inflammatory. Not only does this herbal remedy help with inflammation due to arthritis, but it also helps with skin inflammations and internal inflammation of organs. If it is internal inflammation, then you will need to drink the remedy. If it is a skin inflammation, then you would do better to apply a cotton ball soaked with the remedy to the area that is affected. Of course, if it gets bad, you need to see a doctor to rule out a spider bite or some other type of infection.

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